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Advanced Scripting

Now that we have a good understanding of implementing logic in Decipher, it’s time for some more advanced tasks. This section will focus on generating structure for our survey, including adding flow control, complex quotas, and random assignment of concepts.

Adding Images

Images can be added easily within Decipher surveys. In this lesson, we'll learn about different methods for including images uploaded through the project’s Static Directory, as well as some best practices for image management. Additionally, we'll learn how to discourage unpermitted use of the images we include in our surveys.

Control Elements

The <block> and <loop> tags allow users to control flow within Decipher surveys. In this lesson, we'll learn how the <block> tag organizes similar questions, allowing us to show a set of questions conditionally or in random order. We'll also learn how to allow users to repeat a series of questions across a set of variables using loops.

Conditions and Markers

The <condition> and <marker> tags both offer the opportunity to reuse logic conditions across multiple sections of a survey. In this lesson, we'll review the benefits of using these tags to make scripting logic in Decipher more efficient.

Advanced Shuffling II

Continuing on from the Advanced Shuffling lesson from earlier, in this lesson, we'll learn how to shuffle questions within blocks and how to change the order of variables in loops. The order attribute from the earlier video is handled very similarly within control elements, so it may help to review that lesson before starting this one.

Reference Materials:

Advanced Quotas and Random Assignments

To close out this section, we are going to look into more complex quotas in Decipher. Within the quota.xls file, we can build quotas beyond two dimensions. In this lesson, we'll learn how limits can be established and, when the need arises, how to randomize quotas using the least-fill method of assignment.


Ready for another task? Use the questionnaire provided below to implement some advanced scripting in your own survey.

Be sure to write down any questions you have and check out our live Q&A sessions for solutions and answers to your questions.

Note: Changes to the survey will be marked in RED in the questionnaire.

Note: To check your answers using the Solution Materials, download and extract the files using the link above. Once extracted, upload the quota.xls file to a new project as a System Root File. Then upload the survey.xml file to the same project, also as a System Root File.

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