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Série de Treinamento Fundamental da Decipher


Welcome to the Decipher Essentials Training Series.

This training series is designed to teach you survey basics. Each tutorial provides basic knowledge with the ability to do it yourself and as you get further along in the series, the tasks get more complex. We believe that all levels of users will benefit from continued practice and review of the system's basic functionality, so there will be an exercise for you to complete at the end of each section. It's important to go in order as well, as each exercise builds on top of the previous exercise.

During this training series, you will learn how to program a simple survey, apply logic, create your own look & feel, run simulated data and analyze real data.

Live Q&A Sessions (Weekly)  

We all have questions and it’s nice to have an expert to talk to. Each week, Decipher hosts live Q&A sessions to help guide users through the training content supplied here. Users are encouraged to write down their questions as they themselves go through the content, so they can ask a trainer during one of these Q&A sessions. Each Q&A session lasts about 2 hours and consists of the trainer going through the training content while answering any questions users have pertaining to the exercises or training materials.

Check out the Decipher Training Calendar for more information.

Training Videos 

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