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Release Notes - DQ5

Release date:  March 11, 2014

Dynamic Questions: New Question Types

Dynamic Questions: New Versions

  • Media Evaluator (bcme.2, new version) [Demo] [Styles Library]
    • #16416 The Video Analyzer can now export video with overlay graph(s).
  • Button Select (atm1d.4, new version) [Demo] [Styles Library]
    • #16704 - Button Select, fixed an issue with IE8 not allowing you to go to the bottom of the page.  Code re-write.

Dynamic Questions: Bug Fixes

  • Form Image Replacement (fir.2)
    • FT#17239 - Fixed an issue with theme builder disabled state not working
    • FT#17237 - Fixed an issue where global fir usage was not working properly
  • FT#17263 - Button Select Table (atmtable.2, updated existing version), fixed an issue where scrolling with your finger would answer the option.
  • #17379, added cursors to slider questions.  handles now have arrow cursors to indicate direction of movement.
  • All DQ’s were updated with new default text that demonstrate the DQ.  Title/Instruction/Options/Rows/Columns/Choices/etc were added so the question is fully functional upon adding via Dynamic Tab. (Updated with M19 release)
  • All DQ’s have new icons in the Dynamic Tab. (Updated with M19 release)
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