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Decipher M37 Technical Release Notes

This document contains the technical release notes for the Decipher M37 (2017) milestone.

Release Date: April 11, 2017

Mission Statement

New survey compat level is 137. Use compat="137" for all new surveys. This enables:

  • New <themes> tag

  • Dynamically setting gv.survey.root.styles.ss.includeLESS is no longer allowed

  • [KB: Compat Levels]

New Features

Reusable Answer Lists

  • Allows users to establish an answer list for use in multiple survey questions.

  • Allows users to control answer options and apply updates to several questions at once.

  • List creation option appears in both the Element Library and the "Row Actions" menu within the Survey Editor for easy application.

  • [KB: Reusable Answer Lists]

Survey XML Importing: Confirmit Conversion & Decipher

  • Allows users to import both Decipher and Confirmit survey XML files directly to the portal.

  • Incompatible elements are flagged for user review.

  • [KB: XML Importer]

Quota Reassignment

  • Speeds up edit process by automatically checking quota tables for changed cells.

  • Decreases risk for live changes by flagging quota changes for user review.

  • [KB: Quota Reassignment]

Nested Loops

Project Parameters



  • #23446: Improved performance for projects loading large grid tables.

  • #23434: Improved performance on the report optimizer to reduce load times for questions with a large number of answer options.

Field Report

  • #22508: Quotas downloaded to Excel will now include the quota sheet and table name.


  • The question attribute values now accepts the reverse option. This option excludes explicit value answers first.
  • [KB:Question Attributes]

Survey Editor

  • #23043: Improvements to loading times.

  • #22416: The following templates are now available on all servers:

    • Copy Test (requires compat 134 or below for DQ version)

    • Concept Test

    • Pricing Study

    • Employee Satisfaction

    • Customer Satisfaction

  • Updates to <note> and <condition> tags for warnings system:

    • Using builder:warning="unsupported" will flag a conditioned element as unsupported and prevent project launch.

    • Using builder:title on a <note> can be used to identify the element when using the live script.  

  • [KB: Decipher Survey Templates, Condition Tag, Note Tag]

Programming & Tools

  • #23072: Enabled use of gv.survey.replaceVariables() in secure surveys

  • #23508: The tsst script now ignores custom style overrides in the project’s nstyles file by default; new --style option can be added to force the tsst script to evaluate them.   Requires Decipher Cloud

  • #23670: When using wildcards (e.g., "/*/something"), hasMarker performance  is now 20 times as fast.

  • #23882: Added the ability to access data layout information via the API. See our API documentation for more details.  

  • New <themes> tag added to allow for using multiple themes in a survey.

  • [KB: Secure Survey ObjectsRunning Simulated DataEditing the Survey Theme]

Technical Notes

  • The basic server memory footprint increased by 7% or 47 megabytes, which accounts for 0.3% of the level-1 cloud server.

Bug Fixes

Survey Editor

  • #23552: Fixed an issue where extra ‘span’ tags would be inserted into the text for response options

  • #23241: Fixed an issue with the Survey Editor removing elements referencing adb datasources

  • #22214: Fixed an issue where sortRows did not support unicode characters

  • #22612: Fixed an issue where long sample source names would overlap

  • #22675: Fixed an issue where the "new" icon in the Survey Editor would not show correctly when using Internet Explorer v11

  • #23692: Survey edit locks are now saved in database


  • #13435: Fixed an issue where [pipe]s were not accessible within a <loop>

  • #23903: Fixed an issue with incorrect sub-loop label access via loopvar:label

  • #24584: Fixed an issue with the translation of loop variables within nested loops

  • #22214: Added support for unicode when using sortRows

  • #16998: Fixed an issue where the system could fail while attempting to synchronize plus markers across different sheets; plus markers are now synchronized per sheet

Language Manager

  • #22659: Added error message display when an upload fails

  • #22553: Fixed an issue with the “Add Language” button disappearing

  • #22794: Improved performance when collapsing and expanding duplicate translations

Dynamic Questions

  • #22912: Fixed an issue with the Image Uploader which would allow image files over 5 MB in size to be uploaded

  • #23037: Fixed an issue with the Image Uploader where you could continue without using the ‘No Answer’ option

  • #23593: Fixed an issue where the Audio Player 3 DQ would not play in Chrome on an Android device

  • #23633: Fixed an issue with padding for the Media Evaluator

Campaign Manager

  • #22012: Fixed an issue with bulk email sends where they would hang when bulkagent would fail

  • #22427: Fixed an issue with encoding detection when uploading .txt files

  • #22715: Fixed an issue where the Campaign Manager would not close all files after using them, causing the application to crash


  • #22776: Fixed an issue with the PDF export not displaying counts

  • #23661: Fixed an issue with stacked data options not displaying for a project with nested loops

  • #23409: Fixed an issue where errors were shown for logic reuse when logic is mutually exclusive

Responses Report

  • #24337: Records that fail to load are now skipped

Data Downloads

  • #24631: Changed range for Triple S Download to 1-9999999

Programmer Tools

  • #23711: The tsst script will now ignore any XML style overrides unless the --style flag is used

  • #23765: Fixed an issue with surveys failing to relaunch when using datasource keys based off of optional questions

Architecture/Dev Tools

  • #22749: Improved respondent view performance by serving files from CDN; especially noticeable for out-of-country users or those with slow connections


  • #22671: Fixed an issue where the CATI server would sometimes fail to restart during nightly main server restarts

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