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Quick Start Guide


Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Decipher! Decipher offers the ability to build engaging, mobile-friendly surveys, distribute them to respondents, and analyze your data.

This Decipher Quick Start Guide will take you through the full life of a Decipher project so you can be on your way to fielding your own surveys in no time!

Additional exercises and more in-depth walkthroughs can be found on our Training Page or at the end of each step in the Quick Start Guide. The full training is also available in a downloadable PDF:

Decipher Quick Start PDF

Portal Overview

The Portal is Decipher's project management tool where you can create, manage, review, and collaborate on projects. In this step, you will learn how to navigate the Portal and create new Decipher projects.


  1. Log in to Decipher.
  2. Spend some time exploring the Portal and any projects available to your account.
  3. Create a new Survey project.

Additional Training

Building a Project

In Decipher, creating a survey is quick and easy! This section will teach you the basics of adding questions, logic, and quotas to your projects, as well as modifying the look and feel of the survey for your respondents.



  1. Add a Descriptive Content element with a survey introduction.
  2. Add a single-select gender question.
  3. Add an open-ended age question.
  4. Add a multi-select button familiarity question after the new page break with at least four brand names and a "None of the Above" option.
         a. Randomize brands
         b. Anchor the "None of the Above" and make it exclusive.
  5. Add page breaks to separate questions onto individual pages.
  6. Terminate respondents who selected "None of the Above".
  7. Add a single-select grid question asking respondents to rate the brands they selected on a 1-5 scale.
  8. Add a quota that allows an even split of 100 male and 100 female respondents.
  9. Open the Project Settings and disable feature phones.
  10. Select a new theme for your survey.

Additional Training

Launching and Distributing Your Project

Now that you have built a survey, it's time to send it to respondents. In this section, you will learn how to set up redirects, launch your project, and distribute survey links.



  1. Add a Custom Sample Source.
  2. Redirect qualified respondents to your company's homepage.
  3. Add "source" as a unique variable to the URL.
  4. Review your survey URLs in the Project Summary.
  5. Launch your Decipher survey.
  6. Enter the Decipher Campaign Manager and upload a sample recipient list with emails and names included (include yourself in the recipient list).
  7. Compose an email for respondents in the Campaign Manager with recipients' names in the greeting.
  8. Distribute your survey links to the sample recipient list.
  9. Take the survey via the link you received by email.

Additional Training

Monitoring Your Project in Field

As a survey is fielding, it is important to keep an eye on the data collection progress. In this section, you will learn to use the Field Report to monitor your project in field.



  1. Access the Field Report for your survey.
  2. Review all available tabs for your project.
  3. Download the Completions and Dropouts tabs to Excel.
  4. Update the quota limits to allow more respondents.

Additional Training

Analyzing Data

Real-time reporting and data analysis is included in every Decipher project. In this section, you will learn how to take advantage of the Crosstabs tool to review the data you collect.



  1. Review the Total Frequency Report for your project.
  2. Review the available Settings for your Crosstabs reports.
  3. Add a mean summary, and top 2, bottom 2 rows to the rating question.
  4. Add two different chart types to your report.
  5. Create a gender Quick Split crosstab.
  6. Save the newly created crosstab as "Gender".
  7. Export the Gender crosstab to PowerPoint.
  8. Download the raw data for your project to Excel, split by gender.

Additional Training

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