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Create and Manage Companies

  Requires Decipher Cloud


Users with shell access have the ability to create new companies and edit the options for existing companies directly from the portal.

1: Creating a Company

To create a new company in the research hub, click on the company menu and select "Create New Company."

The "Create New Company" window will appear, allowing you to enter information relating to the new company.

1.1: Basic Information

  • Company Name:  Enter the company name that is globally unique and no more than 100 characters.
  • Logo:  Allows you to upload the company logo. This will show for all members of the company. Any size and format is accepted, the system will convert it to the proper size in JPG format.
  • Description:  Include a description for the company.
  • CNAME:  Add a CNAME, if applicable.
  • Directories:  The main company directory is automatically created by the system. Add any subdirectories for the company here. Directories allow for a higher level of organization, for example, sharing project assets like a survey theme.

1.2: Security Settings

  • Password Length:  Select the length required for passwords (between 7 and 55 characters)
  • Password Strength:  Select the required strength
    • Minimum:  Must contain 2 different character classes (i.e., lowercase letters, uppercase letters, digits or symbols)
    • Medium:  Must contain 3 different character classes (i.e., lowercase letters, uppercase letters, digits or symbols)
    • Maximum:  Must contain 4 different character classes (i.e., lowercase letters, uppercase letters, digits and symbols)
  • Password Expires:  Select when passwords expire
    • Monthly:  Expires at the end of every month
    • Every other month:  Expires at the end of every 2 months
    • Quarterly:  Expires at the end of every 3 months
    • Custom:  Specify the number of days for the expiration
  • Allowed Shared Accounts:  Security best practices require each user account to be accessible only by one user. Check if the security practices for the company permit shared users.
    • No:  Do not allow shared user accounts
    • Yes:  Allow shared user accounts for the company
  • Inactivity Timeout:  Select the amount of time that may pass before an account is logged out due to inactivity.
    • 15 minutes
    • 30 minutes
    • 1 hour
    • 8 hours
    • 24 hours
    • Custom:  Specify the time in minutes
  • Login Attempts:  Limit the number of login attempts before the user's account is locked (between 1 and 6 attempts).
    • If a user has been locked out, they may contact a Supervisor for their company or their Account Manager.
  • Account Expires:  Select if and when the company account expires (used for trial periods or billing).
    • Never:  Account does not expire
    • Select Date:  Specify when the account expires using the calendar.

2: Editing a Company

To edit the settings for a company, select the desired company from the "Companies" menu. You can also locate a company by entering the company directory (e.g., 9d3).

Then select "Company Page."

Once you're in the company page, select "Edit Company."

Edit the company information, security settings or application access, then click "Save."

3: Organization

3.1: Creating a Company Group

To create a company group, open the "Companies" menu. Clear out any existing companies and add only those you want in the group. Enter a name for the group, then click "Save Group."

You can also locate a company by entering the company directory (e.g., 9d3).

3.2: Accessing Saved Groups

To access a saved group of companies, open the "Companies" menu and your saved groups appear under "Company Groups." Select the desired group and click "OK."