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Editing a User Profile


This document explains how to view and edit your user profile in the Decipher portal.

1: Accessing Your Profile Options

To access your profile, log into the portal and click the user icon at the top right of the screen. Then select "Edit Profile":

2: Viewing and Editing Your Profile

The "Update Personal Information and Password" window will appear, where you can view and edit your user settings: 

  • Full Name:  The user's name as it will appear in the portal.
  • Email:  The user's email address, as entered by the supervisor. This field can not be changed. 
  • Photo (optional):  The user's photo. Click "Choose file" to upload a new photo.
  • Language (optional): The language for the Decipher application, which defaults to English. Click to change the application language to French, Spanish, Portuguese, or Japanese.
  • Password: The user's password. Click to change the password at any time. 

Once you are satisfied with any changes, click "Save Changes" to apply them and close the profile window.

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