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Project Parameters

This document describes how to view and edit the parameters for a project.

1:  Project Parameters

The Project Parameters setting allows you to organize your projects using a company-defined structured metadata.  The content specified is searchable through the Portal and exportable through our standard data downloads.  

Once you build your project the “Edit Project Parameters” window will open.  

Note: The project parameters input fields are custom fields based on a backend configuration file that has been created by your company supervisors and linked through the API. Setup for Project Parameters requires supervisor permissions in Decipher; contact your representative for more information.

On the project parameters screen enter information in the fields provided. Once completed, click “Save Project Parameters”. If information is not currently known they can be left blank but any required fields not specified will need to be filled out before launching.

Note: If any required fields are left blank the error message above will show when launching. 

After adding project parameters to your company, you can use the following search syntax to filter your projects by a parameter title or value:

question title=option value or title

For example, if you wanted to see all projects with "answer 2" for "question 2", you would enter the following in the portal search bar:

parameter:('question 2=answer 2')

1.1:  Accessing and Editing Project Parameters 

To make edits to your project parameters, you can access the project parameters from the following locations within Decipher:

Project Controls

Navigation Menu

Edit Button in Project Page

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